Women’s health is based on three basic points that should be followed throughout life: good sleep, nutritious food, and physical activity. Women should pay attention to other aspects of their bodies that are unique to women. Here is everything that concerns women’s health.

-Always take care of bone strength, osteoporosis affects women more.

-Gynecological control at least twice a year. This includes breast exams, to prevent cancer. She should see a professional with whom she feels comfortable.

-Choosing the contraceptive method that best suits the lifestyle of each woman.

-Pregnancies fully controlled by medical professionals.

-Pay attention to menopause symptoms. A specialist should be visited to guide the woman during this process.

-Pay attention to the alterations of the menstrual cycle. These may or may not indicate a serious illness. The key is to prevent any problems.

-Good nutrition and physical activity should be adapted to each stage of a woman’s life. They have different needs than men.

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