When I was a child I loved to whistle. I was never good at it but I enjoyed it. As an adult I got out of the whistling habit but the last couple of weeks, I have yearned to whistle again! I know that laughter is very good therapeutically for people and smiling is wonderful for us so I started wondering if there were positive physical benefits from whistling as well!

I went to trusty Google and was amazed to discover how beneficial whistling can be to our health and well-being! Here are some of my findings on the therapeutic benefits to be found from whistling!

Pursing one’s lips causes breathing to be longer and therefore the lungs get more air. This is a major help for the lungs. In the 19th century one doctor even told people to whistle to help their lungs get stronger. He felt whistling could help people prevent catching tuberculosis or consumption. Whistling also is good for both the thyroid and parathyroid glands.

Both Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte believed that if their military leaders were whistling before a battle they would be victorious in the upcoming engagement!
We know that laughter and smiling cause elevated moods in people. Whistling does the same. The mind believes it is contented when it is whistling so it becomes contented!

Google even had some testimonies from people who had been exposed to COVID-19 and they felt they did better because they whistled! (Obviously there was no scientific proof of these testimonies!)

So whatever you do, do it while you whistle!

I am whistling right now as I sign off for now!

Love from your whistling friend Hope.

See you next time!

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  • Martha SmithApril 10, 2021 at 2:38 am

    I needed this tonight. So I whistled after the alarm warning went off. Thanks Martha


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