April 13th was the eighty-seventh birthday of my dear friend Martha Smith. Martha is a person I love and enjoy greatly. She is also someone I respect immensely because she epitomizes some of the qualities I treasure most in friends. One of her qualities that I deeply admire is her desire to keep on learning and growing! She is full of life and enthusiasm! She epitomizes the saying that my mother used to repeat, “When you cease to learn, you cease to live!”

In order to stay young and energetic like Martha, you need to keep learning which Martha does. We both are residents at a Holiday Retirement Community where one of the other residents knows sign language. Martha with her fabulous enquiring mind has started learning sign language. She is doing very well at learning it.

Science has proven that when you start learning an activity like sign language or playing a musical instrument like the cello or piano, you stimulate your mind to work better.

Martha’s inquisitive mind learns everything she can about news and current events here at our retirement community. When anyone needs to know what is happening at our retirement center, we ask Martha who generously fills us in on current activities and events!

So whether you are contemplating learning a new skill like sign language or honing up your cooking skills or reading a new author, follow Martha’s example and let your enquiring mind be your guide.

Martha, you are an inspiration to me! May you have many more golden years where you inspire the rest of us to have enquiring minds and joyful spirits!

Happy Birthday, Dear Friend!

Until next time, love from Hope

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  • Mary JohnsonApril 16, 2021 at 1:20 am

    What an inspirational friend to have.

  • Martha SmithApril 16, 2021 at 2:18 am

    Thank you for this special Blog dear friend, keep writing. You are a very kind friend. M


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