Today is August 31, 2021. I have 4 more days in quarantine. I originally thought I had to pass 2 tests to see if I was still positive but that is not true! I can come come out of quarantine after my initial isolation is over!

I feel surprisingly good today. In fact, this morning when I got out of bed, I felt normal! Now, there are two sides to most questions. It is wonderful that I feel normal, but on the other side of the coin it is extremely scary that I can feel one hundred per cent normal and have a full blown case of something as dangerous as coronavirus! Think about it! People like me can feel fine and never dream they can spread something as lethal as Covid-19! I am deathly afraid that the next surge of Covid-19 will be brought on by people not Knowing they are positive and not wearing masks and passing it on to the people they meet! Please Friends, be tested. If you do not know whether you are positive, wear your mask!

When I was tested for Covid-19, I was given a list of symptoms of Covid-19. Most of the symptoms I had known but a few were new to me! One new symptom was confusion. If you are not normally confused, it is a symptom of Covid-19 if suddenly you have spells of confusion!

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