I believe with all my heart that we can make ourselves happy and it is our sacred duty to do so! When someone says to me, “Have a good day!” I usually say, “I intend to do so!”

One way to make yourself happy is to make “happy triggers!” What are “happy triggers”? They are things you make ahead of time that can help you get happy when you don’t feel happy on a gloomy day!  I have a “happy scrapbook” which I use to make myself happy when I don’t feel happy!” It is a scrapbook that I have made which contains pictures, quotes, etc. that bring a smile to my face and a laugh to me heart! On the first page is a picture of an enormous bunch of brightly colored balloons with an overabundance of bright, happy red balloons! The balloons are set against a background of bright, vivid blue sky! I can not help but feel happy when I see those bright red balloons against a vivid blue sky!

Another page has one tongue twister in bold letters in the middle of the page. I read  that tongue twister over and over again until I start appreciating the non-sensical words and a little trickle of happiness starts pouring into my heart. Soon the trickle becomes a torrent and I am back to becoming happy.

Some pages in my scrapbook have examples of silly, non-sensical poems. One such verse is “The Fisherman Cat” from my book “101 Puzzles, Riddles and Rhymes for Cat Lovers.”

The Fisherman Cat

Once there was a fisherman cat

Who fished by the light of the moona.

He fished for crab and he fished for shad.

He even fished for a chunky tuna!

He fished for herring and he fished for haddock.

He fished and he fished until he got maddock.

“Why, Oh, Why,” he sadly wailed,

“Do I fish and get short-taiied?

I never get a gross or a grab or even a gobble.

Why can’t I even catch a colly-wobble?

He finally decided to give it one last trial by tail

And what do you know, he caught a whale!

It just goes to show you and all that ails you.

Be positive! It never fails you!

You just might end up

With a whale under your tail!

Try making and using a a ‘Happy Scrapbook’ filled with things to make you happy” Enjoy, Dear Friends, enjoy!

See you next time,

Love from your forever friend Hope






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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