Dear Readers,

Today is my third day after testing positive to COVID-19! I still feel good considering but I am not so perky as I was yesterday and the day before. I have a small temperature (99 F) and I am tired and feel slightly feverish at times! Overall, I feel remarkably well!

I have promised you a blog everyday I am in quarantine but today’s blog will be short because of the circumstances!

Even if you are trying to think positively, your mind, or at least mine, gravitates to the thought, “What if I am going to die!” I know one thing: I want to forgive everyone who has ever wronged me so the Lord will forgive me the sin of hurting everyone I have hurt. I sincerely beg forgiveness from any and every one I have ever hurt! Please forgive me!

Readers, please pray everyone who has Covid-18 gets better tonight and is able to face the future with renewed energy and faith.

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