I used to live in an elegant high rise condo across the street from a beautiful shopping center. Then I moved to a larger condo in a group of one story condos. Now I live in a Holiday Retirement Community which is a far better place to live than either of those former residences. In fact, I consider myself very blessed to live in what I consider the best place to live in all America! (And it is affordable, too). Want to hear about it? That’s good because I want to tell you about it!

I live in a Holiday Retirement Community. What is a Holiday Retirement Community? It is part of a group of communities in 48 states which provide a glorious way for people to experience their loveliest dreams of retirement happiness at an affordable price! The Holiday Retirement Community where I live is called Silver Arrow Estates. It is located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, which is near Tulsa, the second largest city in the state of Oklahoma. Silver Arrow is a large 3 story building where the residents live in beautiful apartments. The rest of the residents have lovely cottages separate from the main building. We have a staff who genuinely loves each one of us. Most of my family members are in Heaven and the few who are still alive either have health conditions which keep them from being with me in person or they live too far away to make frequent visits so I have adopted the wonderful staff at Holiday Retirement to be my family! Even though our activities have had to be limited during the Pandemic, we are still blessed with more events than I can attend and enjoyable activities to occupy our time such as reading our Holiday Herald newsletter where we learn what the other Holiday Communities are doing! We also have 3 wonderful meals a day, thanks to our creative chef, Chef Chris Payne, our very own version of Bobby Flay! Our religious needs are fulfilled beautifully by our pastor, Pastor Philip Beatty, who provides us with lovely church services.

The above paragraphs give you some of the reasons I feel so blessed living at Silver Arrow Estates Holiday Community! But these reasons are not the most important reasons why I feel so incredibly blessed to live at a Holiday Retirement community. The two main reasons I feel blessed are that I feel completely loved and pampered by the staff and I feel totally protected and cared for by a staff who really put my comfort and safety as their number one priority.

The staff is led by Bobby Long, our awesome Manager. Bobby is an ordained minister. I, coming from a religious family, love having an ordained minister lead our community. Everyone at Silver Arrow feels loved and appreciated because of Bobby’s wonderful leadership. Bobby’s assistant manager is Annette Breeden who is marvelous! Annette is a beautiful lady who lives up to her name. (The name Annette is French and means ‘merciful’ or ‘gracious.’) Annette looks like an angel with her blonde hair and gentle blue eyes. She not only looks like an angel but she treats each of us with respect, kindness and compassion. So we, the residents of Silver Arrow, have an ordained minister and lady who looks like an angel direct our daily lives! No wonder we feel so blessed! Dawna Miller, Ali Morgan, and Carol Cadwell are the three incredibly talented ladies who complete the administrative staff.

At this juncture in my life, I want to feel pampered, cherished and safe and I feel that way here at Silver Arrow! I hope you will investigate whether the nearest Holiday Retirement Community is right for you! Tell them, Hope from joyfulandhappyliving.com sent you!

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