Today is November 3o, the last day in November. As I close out this month I want to share with you a very special memory–the memory of when I saw an angel!

I had always wanted to see an angel. I had heard television preachers tell about seeing angels and I always thought “I wish I could see an angel.” I even prayed I could see one the weekend before I actually did see an angel.

Here is the whole story. Every word is true.

The day I saw my angel started out like a regular day. I had several errands to run. I decided to go to Dollar Tree first and buy what I needed there first and then to go to the other stops on my agenda. After I had made my purchases, I started to walk on my walker back to the car. Suddenly I felt my legs grow tired. I knew that feeling. I knew I was in big trouble. I unsteadily headed toward the car. I had almost made it when I felt my legs become worse. Suddenly all my strength had gone and I was still outside the car. I began to panic. I heard myself say out loud a sentence I have prayed many times, “Jesus, help me!”

Suddenly I was not alone. A man was standing beside me. He was a Mexican man, middle-aged and wearing a striped shirt like many auto mechanics wear. It was very hot in the parking lot but this man’s shirt was crisply clean and starched. He very graciously helped me to the car and then helped me get into my car! Oh the relief to be seated in my car safe and sound.

I thanked him profusely and then I noticed his name which was stitched over his pocket on the front of his shirt. It read “JESUS”!
I said, “Your name is “Jesus.” That’s the name of my Savior!

“Yes, it is,” he replied in perfect English.

At that moment my attention was distracted and my gazed left the stranger and looked away. When I looked back where he had stood, he was gone! There was not anyone in the space were he had stood! I looked all over the parking lot. There was no person in sight. It was a large parking lot. How could he have left without a trace. And then I knew! He was an angel. I had been visited by an angel. I had seen an angel!

Tomorrow will be December 1st. The Christmas Season is here. I wanted to begin the Christmas Season with my angel story!

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