We all want to find ways to keep our minds active and alert as we get older! One of the best ways to accomplish this admirable goal is to keep adding new things, new experiences and new interests to our lives! Learning something new and trying different activities stimulates our minds to enter new areas of interest. My mother always used to tell me, “When you cease to learn, you cease to live!” Good advice from a woman who was constantly mentally active until the day she died.

It is very easy to add something new to your life in this day of technology. You can either learn and study a lot of different small subjects or you can tackle one large subject and learn it in depth.

You can try something different each week and enjoy those learning experiences greatly. For instance you could decide to try a new restaurant every week or go to a different place every week that you have  always wanted to visit but never gotten around to doing in the past. Perhaps there is a bookstore you have always wanted to go to or a needlework store that you have always wanted to visit. Well, what better time to do it than to do it now!  If you wish to stay home and try new experiences, make it a point to try watching a new TV program each week or reading a new author each week.

If you would prefer to take on a large new subject, think about learning to play a musical instrument or learning to paint or do some type of needlework you have never tried to do before. If you used to play the flute in high school band, you might want to start learning to play the clarinet. Or if you used to play the violin when you were in college, you might want to try to learn the cello now!  The stimulation of learning something new will be very good for your brain! Have fun!!

Until next time,

Love from your friend Hope


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  • Martha SmithFebruary 3, 2021 at 1:30 am

    I like to learn ,I have an inquiring mind, even if I never use it I know how Thank you for some ideas.


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