I am writing this blog on November 24, so in 37 days it will be 2021! I, for one, can’t wait to ditch this year and start the next year! Good-bye, Covid-19!

Every year one of my New Year resolutions is the same: study a new subject every week of the new year!

Have you ever thought what a wonderful coincidence it is that there are 52 weeks in every year and there are 26 letters of the alphabet? That means that if you multiply 26 times 2, you get 52, the same number as the weeks in the year. Thus you have 52 weeks every year to study 52 new subjects! You can go through the alphabet twice. The first week of the new year can be Week A-1, in which you study a subject beginning with the letter A!  After you have gone through Week Z-1, you start the alphabet again with A-2 and go straight though to Week Z-2. Choose a subject to study each week by the name of the letter of the week. For instance you could choose to study the state of Alabama the first week of the new year and then study the health benefits eating Brussel Sprouts the second week!

You can have all the subjects fall in the same category for the first 26 weeks of the year (for instance you could study geographical places the first 26 weeks and then study exotic foods the second 26 weeks.) There are all kinds of ways to choose the subjects. For an example, I’ll take the state of Alabama that I just mentioned to be the basic subject for all the first 26 weeks of the new year.  For week B-1, the B subject could be the city of Birmingham, Alabama, the largest city in Alabama!  For week C-1, you could study the Crimson Tide (the name of the University of Alabama’s football team) or some other word beginning with C that is related to Alabama! Or you could have an A subject, a B subject that are in no way related to each other such as acupuncture and blueberries!

I hope you have fun playing with this idea for a new tradition to add to your new year’s resolutions!   It really becomes fun when you start thinking of subjects beginning with P, Q, X, Y, and Z!!!

Good-bye and love from your friend Hope


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