Last Sunday was Mother’s Day! Usually, I have a hard time with Mother’s Day. My precious mother, Lucille Roby Harder, went to Heaven on March 1, 1989, so this was my 32nd Mother’s Day since Mother died. I miss Mother a great deal and Mother’s Day intensifies this sense of loss. This year, May 9, 2021, was the best Mother’s Day I have had since Mother went to Heaven. Let me tell you the whole story!

As you may remember I wrote a blog a few months ago about the wonderful retirement community where I live. It is Silver Arrow Estates. It is owned by Holiday Retirement Communities. We at Silver Arrow are extremely blessed to have wonderful religious services. On Mother’s Day, our wonderful pastor, Pastor Phil, gave a marvelous sermon in a series he has been preaching on the Apostles’ Creed. He also included time for Silver Arrow residents to give testimonials on their mothers. I was fortunate enough to be able to tell the residents about my spectacular mother.

First I told how the Cheyenne Indians adopted Mother the day she was born because her father had fed the entire Cheyenne Tribe free of charge for 2 years. (This material is in my blog entitled “One Hundred and Twelve Years Ago Today.”) I also told how Mother always cried every time she read how Jesus healed the ten men and only one came back to thank Him. Mother cried every single time she read this Biblical story because her love and gratitude to Our Savior were so intense that it broke her heart how the other nine men failed to say thank you to Jesus for healing them!

I ended my little testimonial by telling my listeners what Mother told me when I would come running to her for support when someone would hurt my feelings. She would listen to me patiently and then she would always say, “Hope, dear, just be grateful the person hurt you rather than you hurt the other person!” That was a hard lesson for a small child to absorb but the older I get, the more I know it is so true!

Thank you, Dear Mother, for being my beloved parent, and thank you, Dear Heavenly Father, for giving me Lucille Roby Harder to be, along with my precious father, my guide, and beloved parent!

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