Are you one of the fortunate people in the world who has had a best friend who just happened to be a cat or a dog? Well, then this blog is for you!

In my life time I have been blessed by the joy and pleasure of being loved by five fantastic dogs and eight glorious cats! All of them were spectacularly loyal to me as their owner and I can never thank the Lord enough for placing them in my life!

The benefits of having a beloved pet in your life are extraordinary! The first benefit is physical! A person enjoys better health if his or her life is blessed by the presence of a cat or dog!

Among health benefits are decrease in blood pressure problems, decrease in cholesterol and increase in emotional support. An added benefit from cat ownership is lessening in hip pain in arthritic suffers who own a cat! Why? Because the purring of a cat provides just the right vibrations to eliminate arthritic hip joint pain if the owner sits next to a purring cat!

I learned first hand how owning a precious dog could help a heart patient when my father died. Mother grieved horribly when Daddy died but her heart rate stayed the same until, two years later, our beloved toy poodle Folly died. Then Mother’s heart rate went sky high! Mother’s cardiac specialist prescribed new medicines to no avail. Her heart rate went from normal to over 100 beats a minute no matter what she did! One day Mother happened to talk to our veterinarian, thanking him for the care our recently diseased poodle had received when she mentioned her problems with her heartrate. He instantly said, “Mrs. Harder, if you got another dog, your heart rate would go down. I have just the dog for you! She is a Yorkie and she needs a good home”

Well, we adopted the dog, changed her name from Corky Yorkie to Sweetie Pie and Mother’s heart rate became normal in 48 hours after Sweetie Pie moved in!

To all of my pets, I say thank you! I love you all equally and look forwards to spending Eternity with you in Heaven!!!

Good Bye for now.

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