Yesterday seemed as if it were going to be a nice, quiet day but when I opened my apartment door, I was greeted by a beautiful surprise! Someone had secretly decorated my apartment door for Christmas! What a surprise! What a beautiful surprise!

The world would be a much happier place if surprises were used  by our family and friends more often! A surprise usually pleases us because it comes unexpectedly and it shows us that people care about us and our successes!

I remember two times in my life when friends surprised me with unexpected pieces of candy! I now know the joy of carrying a small bag of individually wrapped pieces of candy in the pocket of my slacks so I can bestow a sweet surprise on an unsuspecting friend! (You can also carry around a pocketful of doggie Milk Bones to surprise your friend’s dogs!)

I love magazines but when I worked at a university I stopped subscribing to them because I never had time to read them. Now I am the delighted recipient of friends’ and neighbors’ magazines. The surprise of receiving a free magazine also is a lovely addition to any day!

Another way to surprise someone is to call her on the phone for the specific purpose of giving the person  a compliment or praising the person for something he or she does well! How delightful to get an unexpected compliment or praise! It can make your day!

Surprising someone with a small gift or an encouraging word is an easy way to make someone feel loved and appreciated. It is a lovely way to turn an ordinary day into one to remember! You will be surprised how good it will make you feel!

I look forward to our next time together,

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