How many of us plod through life without ever noticing the miracles that are around us and surround us!

For instance when we go for a short walk and see a tree, do we stop and look at it? I mean really look at it? How many trees would you guess are there in the world today? There are 60,065 species of trees. Do you know what type of tree you are looking at? Do you know which is the most common type of tree in the USA today? The answer is the Red Maple.

There is so much to see when we look around. Do you know how many colors there are for normally sighted individuals to see? Scientists say there are 10,000,000 colors, shades and hues in the world.

What is the world’s favorite color? For most people it is BLUE! Why is it blue? Oddly enough it is just personal preference. Many of the things we like best are blue so we choose blue as our favorite color!

Are there colors we cannot see? You bet so! When my uncle Bill had cataract surgery during the operation he saw colors that he had never seen in his life. He could not describe the colors because he had nothing to compare them with. Just think how many more colors we shall see when we go to Heaven and have the glories of eternal beauty facing us? Oh, what a happy day!

And then there are all the multitudes of beautiful flowers to look at and enjoy. There are approximately 295,383 species of flowering plants in the world. What a wealth of beauty to behold!

When you add to these numbers the thousands of species of birds to see, the multitudes of beautiful sights is overpowering!

Friends, look around and thank Our Creator for all the beauty He has given us to enjoy! Praise the Lord!!!

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  • Martha SmithJune 3, 2021 at 1:44 am

    I have done this all my life. Thanks for writing about it.


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