Yesterday morning when I awakened, I looked out my bedroom window as I do every morning. Something was different. My sleepy mind looked and then I shouted, out loud, “It’s snowing!!”

It was snowing indeed! Beautiful enormous flakes!  Millions of them chasing each other to the ground! And guess what was the best part of the snow? It was knowing that each of those gorgeous flakes was different from every other flake! What a magnificent, Precious Lord we worship! He makes everything unique and special.

How wonderful that He makes every snowflake, beautiful, different and unique! He makes each of us, also, beautiful in our own way, unique and special! All of our lives we have known that our fingerprints are unique and special! But so many other parts of us are created uniquely also! The retinas in our eyes are unique.  Each retina is  different than every other retina in the world including its mate! Our DNA is uniquely our own! We are uniquely one of a kind–a unique and beautiful Act of Creation!

When we look into the mirror what do we see? We see an uniquely created, special person! We are like no one else in this vast universe. Identical twins are not identical! They may look alike but they are as far from being truly identical as a pineapple is from a pine tree!

When we look into a mirror we see a beautiful masterpiece made by the Master Himself! We shouldn’t be jealous or envious of anyone. We should be grateful that we are the masterpieces that we are–created by the Master Himself!

In closing I would like to share with you, Beloved Readers, a poem from my book Silent Voices. It is entitled

“I Am Snow.”


I am Snow

The unknowing say that I am cold.

Only those who love me

Know how warm I am.

I bring a blanket of virginity

To cover my beloved Earth.

Silently I come

Bringing oblivion and rest.

In swirls I circle to Earth

And lay carpets of wintry flowers

Over  the barren ground.

I bring Silence

And a white aroma of peace.

Gently and quietly I festoon the land.

My mother was Rain

And my father was Ice.

I am Snow and I come to share

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  • Martha SmithJanuary 15, 2021 at 10:42 pm

    Oh My how I love Snow falling and when Ilearned no two was a like.


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