Puzzles are good for you. They are a fun way of sharpening your mind. I have been a professional puzzle constructor for several years so I would like occasionally to create a word puzzle for this blog spot as a fun way for us to celebrate life. The type of puzzle I have created today for you, my dear readers, I call a “category” puzzle.  The puzzle is based on a subject; in this puzzle, the subject is the word  H O L I D A Y. For each letter of the subject word, the reader has to think up a word in the category that starts with each letter of the word H O L I D A Y.  If the category of the puzzle words is COLORS, then  the “H” could be “Honey,” the “O” could be orange, the “L” could be “Lilac,” etc. In the following puzzle the category words are all foods. The subject word is :  H O L I D A Y.     The H is for  __________.

The O is for  __________.   The is for __________.   The is for __________. The is for____________.

The is for __________.   The Y is for __________.

Obviously there are several correct answers to this puzzle. One of the correct answers will be included with one of next week’s blogs. Look for it labeled as “Answer to Puzzle A-1.”  If you would like to have a monthly puzzle included with a blog or published by itself as a blog, let me know! Thank you.

Until next time,

Your friend Hope

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    Could not ans. No typewriter would come up


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