When I was a small child I had a baby sitter named Mrs. Sabens. I loved Mrs. Sabens and she loved me. She always had the most unusual stories to share. One day she introduced me to the Scripture Psalm 91.4 by telling me this story about some women at her Church. Psalm 91.4 states, “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.”

Mrs. Sabens’ friends were some elderly ladies who were devoted members of her church. The women’s group at her church belonged to a large national organization in America. The national group was having an international meeting in Chicago that year and Mrs. Saben’s friends were planning on going. They were in their seventies and eighties.

When Mrs. Saben’s friends learned that many of the meetings were in downtown Chicago, they began to worry about their safety in such a large city as Chicago. They prayed about their safety and they started meditating on Psalm 91.4 as a comforting Biblical promise to lean on.

The ladies arrived in Chicago and they planned their first night time meeting. As they waited for the city bus to arrive, a gang of teenage hoodlums saw them and decided to rob them of their purses. The hoodlums thought these nice elderly ladies would be the perfect victims! As the teenagers approached the ladies, one of the ladies saw them and she started repeating the comforting words of Psalm 91.4. The leader of the gang shouted, “Give us your purses or else.” One lady was still repeating Psalm 91.4 when he started screaming at the church members. In her agitation she shouted back at him, “You can’t hurt us. We are covered with feathers!!”

The astonished teenager turned to his peers and exclaimed, “They are crazy! Let’s get out of here!” And then to the delight of the ladies their adversaries ran away without hurting them! The Lord had, as always, kept His promise. He had kept them safe under His wings!

Have a good day, Friends. You, too, are safe under His wings!!!!

See you tomorrow!

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