What do you think people in 1855 thought when they first heard of Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone? (Bell was not the first person to invent what we call a telephone but he was the first to have  a successful patent for a phone!)

They probably thought that it was a miracle! They could now talk to family members  5 miles away without leaving their home!

As miraculous as that was, is, and ever shall be, they already were able to talk to the Creator of the Universe 24 hours a day, every day! Yes, they could through the Miracle of Prayer! Have you ever thought what an extraordinary gift prayer is to us–the ability to talk to our Creator every day!

The Bible tells us to pray unceasingly. How do we do this? How can we pray more and more until we follow His command to pray continuously?

If we are committed to pray, we usually pray at the same time of day. We pray in the morning or in the evening or we pray every morning and every evening. That’s great but what about the hours in between? We can use triggers to remind us to pray. I remember reading on the Internet how one lady prayed at the beginning of every waking hour. I had never thought of that but I have for years tried to pray every time I look at the clock. What do I pray when I look at the clock?  I can thank my Heavenly Father that He created me and that I have lived another hour to praise Him and worship Him! I can also remember in prayer the people I know who are ill or alone or both! Every tick of a clock can be a personal call time for prayer!

What time is it now?

It is time to pray!

Until next time,

Love from your friend Hope

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