When I was a little girl, my parents had houseguests who were from Romania. They had been in a concentration camp in Europe during World War II. They never gave up and they eventually escaped to freedom. Their courage and fierce determination never gave up. The truth of their story lives on in my life even though their time in history is past. What have I learned from them? I have learned never give up. Truth never dies.  Keep on praying and keep on trying.

No matter what are the reports out of Russia and what are the reports out of Ukraine, I shall keep on praying that the Ukraine and Truth win!

Do you remember the story of the woman in the Bible who had an issue of blood for years. She never stopped trying to get well! Finally she saw Jesus and touched His Robe and she was healed.

Let us be like her and my friends from World War II. They never gave up. We must never give up either. We must hold onto Him and ask Him to deliver us from our problems and the people of the Ukraine from their fight with Russia.

“Dear Lord, we humbly ask your Divine Help in providing us and the whole world with thy Peace! In Jesus’s Holy Name we pray,” Amen.

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  • Mary JohnsonMarch 13, 2022 at 4:21 am

    What an inspiring lesson on the power of prayer.


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