Some times we get scared. Life’s problems seem too big for us. At times like these we need to get quiet and and to realign our thinking. Yes, the problems in the world are too big for us to handle but we don’t have  to solve them. We need to hand them over to  the Lord God and let Him take charge. Let us pray:

Dear Heavenly Father, we come before Your Throne acknowledging complete dependence on You. We can not change anything but You can change everything. We ask of You to look down on our brothers and sisters in the Ukraine and give them the sustained courage they need to fight the despot they are facing. Grant them the sustained energy they need to combat Putin and his forces. Let them know that You are in charge. It is You they must rely on. Fill their hearts with courage and fill their minds with the ability to see beyond earthly circumstances and see the real victory that You can give them.

Please safeguard them physically. Bring them the peace they deserve and want. We  ask You most of all to make them see that only reliance on You can make them victorious!

In Your Son Jesus’ Holy Name we pray. Amen

These are truly the times that try our souls. Help us to pray diligently for peace throughout the world. Only through Faith and prayer can we  help to bring about change!

See you tomorrow. In the meantime, keep praying every hour for Peace!

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