There are certain foods that seem possibly to effect Parkinson’s Disease.

Some people eat fava beans to help Parkinson’s Disease because fava beans contain the same chemical, levodopa, as found in Parkinson medicine. You may not be familiar with fava beans. I certainly was not familiar with them. They look a great deal like lima beans but they are quite different from lima beans. Fava beans are much older than lima beans. Fava beans have been around since about 6,000 years B.C. while lima beans have been around since about 2000 B.C. Fava beans are much firmer than lima beans and their taste is much different. Research on the use of fava beans to help Parkinson’s Disease emphasize that there is not enough levodopa in the beans to replace use of commercially produced medicine for Parkinson’s Disease.

Omega 3 foods are considered good for Parkinson patients. Omega 3 foods such as salmon, oysters, and other fish and seafood are good for Parkinson patients. Usually what is considered a good food choice for people without Parkinson’s disease is considered a good food choice for people with Parkinson’s Disease.

Some research has suggested the use of caffeine is good for people with PD.

The food that is avoided most by Parkinsonian patients is dairy products such as milk, cheese and cottage cheese but you need some dairy products in your diet.

For more foods to avoid or choose to eat, please Google “Foods for Parkinson’s Disease.” An excellent article on food choices for Parkinsonian patients is by Katherine Watson from which came some of the some of the materials I have used in this article.

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