Of all the millions of blogs on the Internet each year, this blog you are reading right now may have one of the most unusual subjects! It is a blog praising a paper towel. No it is not a commercial for a brand of paper towels; it is praise for one single paper towel! Let me explain!

Simple things have the power to make me happy! I like to buy Sparkle Brand paper towels. They are strong, inexpensive, and some of them have beautiful designs on them and messages printed on the towels. I became a fan of Sparkle towels when I was going through a rough time in my life. I awakened one morning feeling very blue. I got out of bed and started doing the routine things we all do every morning. I felt very sad and blue. Then I pulled out a fresh roll of Sparkle paper towels and there was a message on the paper towel. It said, “Good Morning, Beautiful!” I know this sounds infinitely silly but those words made me feel good. A paper towel had just called me “Beautiful!” I know that is not your usual feel good compliment but I needed a compliment from wherever I could get one. If it was from a lowly paper towel, then so be it! The rest of the day was transformed by the words on that one paper towel!

Ever since that memorable morning, I have been a fan of Sparkle paper towels. They go the extra mile. Not only do they provide a marvelous paper towel at a low price, but they make you feel good beside! They care about how their clients feel! I appreciate that!

This is not a public endorsement of a product for monetary gain. It is simply a message of thank you to a company who gave to their customers more than what they paid for! Sparkle paper towels made me feel beautiful when I needed to feel good! I am receiving nothing for this endorsement other than the pleasure of saying thank you when I did not have to do so.

If a paper towel company can make a customer feel better how much more could each of us do to make other people feel better about themselves. How awesome it would be for the world if we each took on the goal of making those around feel better about themselves. Shall we try it? I hope you will join me in trying to promote feel good experiences in the lives of people around us!

Monday’s blog will be about a book that has influenced my life for decades. It is the classic American treasure, “Try Giving Yourself Away.” See you on Monday!

Love from your friend Hope

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  • Martha SmithApril 28, 2021 at 2:11 am

    I enjoyed the story, I have used the Sparkle brand also. Martha Smith.


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