It seemed like any other summer day to my eight year old mind. Mother and I were visiting my grandparents  in Oklahoma City. I had planned on playing with a child that lived close to my grandparents’ house and enjoying a relaxing day. Little did I know that I would learn a very valuable lesson instead.

My grandfather whom I called “Papa” asked me to come with him into the back yard. We sat down on the  steps leading to the yard. Papa asked quietly, “Hope, let’s learn a little bit about Nature today.” He leaned over and plucked a blade of grass that was growing close to the porch step where we were sitting. He held up the blade of grass and enquired, “Honey, what do you see when you look at this blade of grass?” I tried to sound grown up as I answered, “I see the grass is green and thin and long,” I answered. “What do you see, Papa?” I politely asked.

Papa hesitated a moment as he gently fingered the blade of grass. “I see…” he said before he started to describe in intricate detail what he saw when he looked at that one solitary blade of grass. He described its thickness, striations, serrations, and every other possible detail of its  construction. He described that one little blade of grass for the next fifteen minutes with the intricacy and precision of a scientist. I listened in spellbound awe. I had seen so little; he saw so much! When he finally completed his description of that one solitary little leaf of grass, I was a different person. I saw for the first time the difference between looking at something in Nature and actually seeing it! I was a changed little girl!

We all need to start seeing Nature rather than just looking at it. We need to experience Nature and appreciate it and love it.

The next time you go outside or take a walk or enjoy a picnic, really see all the beauty and splendor and complexity of the world around you. There is a glorious world of which you are a part–enjoy it. Value it. Treasure it! You will be a happier person for appreciating the world God has made  for us to enjoy!

Thank you, Papa, for taking the time to show your eight year old grand-daughter the beauty of the world around her!!

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