A few years ago Kurt Vonnegut made a startling comment, “Enjoy the little things because someday you will look back and discover they were the big things.”

Everyday I like consciously to look for the good and the true and the beautiful! If I didn’t consciously look for them, I might surely miss them! Once I find something beautiful, I stop and enjoy it! I remember how one winter day I saw a group of purple pansies growing in the snow. Their darling little faces peering out of snow, made a heat stopping experience of beauty for me that I shall treasure as long as I live!

Another time I saw a dull brown wall. The paint was a seemingly dingy brown color–monotonous and boring. I stopped walking and stared mesmerized at that seemingly ugly wall. Surely there was something lovely about it! The more I looked at it, the lovelier it became until suddenly I became aware how warm and comforting was that shade of brown! The more I looked at it, the lovelier it became!

I live on the third floor of a building of apartments for senior citizens. Outside my bedroom window are some tall nondescript trees. Those trees are the home to about seven pairs of cardinals and some blue jays and orange coated robins. How I love to watch those beautiful birds as they fly gracefully among the limbs of the trees. I could watch them all day. They make a symphony of color and texture for my eyes to enjoy. To others those birds might just be ordinary backyard birds but to me they are the epitome of delicate beauty and grace! I awaken to their beauty as I greet the day and at tea time they present me with their afternoon serenade. How those beautiful birds add charm and splendor to my world!

These are only a few of the examples of miraculous beauty that bestow loveliness to my my world! I thank the Lord that He has richly blessed me with their presence!

I enthusiastically entreat you to look for the beautiful and assure you that you will find it!

Love until next time from your friend Hope

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