One of the best ways to make our lives more special is to celebrate each day! The Bible tells us to do so: “This is the day the Lord hath made: we will rejoice and be glad in it. ” (Psalm  118:24, KJV ).

One of the most fun ways to make a day special is to think up something to do on that day that celebrates the day in a unique and creative manner! The first  time I became aware of how much fun it is to make a day special, I was a graduate English student at the University of Tulsa studying the works of James Joyce under the greatest Joyce scholar in the world, Dr. Tom Staley. We had had an excellent lecture on James Joyce and then at the end of the class, Dr. Staley announced that he had a surprise for the class. It was June the 16th, the subject of Joyce’s epic work “Ulysses” and in honor of that occasion there was a large sheet cake ready for hungry graduate students to devour! Sure enough, there was a large sheet cake with the words “Happy Bloomsday” on it! We dove into the cake and I, for one, entered into a new fun activity– celebrating literary anniversaries with commemorative celebrations. For decades I have bought  a cake every September 14th to commemorate my doctoral dissertation subject –Hamlin Garland and his birthday on the 14th of September!

To this day I still enjoy doing something special on my parents’ birthdays and wedding anniversary as well as my grandparents’ anniversary even though they have all been in Heaven many years. It still is their anniversary even if they are not alive so why not celebrate it!

To me the more days to celebrate, the better!

Until we meet again,

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  • Martha SmithDecember 5, 2020 at 5:52 pm

    Great work I’m honored to call you my friend.Dr. Hope Harder.


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