In the Harder household, there were certain Bible verses that were repeated over and over. One was “…let not thy left hand knoweth what thy right hand doeth” (Matthew 6:3). My precious mother was especially careful not to let anyone know how she helped people.

When Mother was a heart patient unable to walk or do her normal activities, she would sit on the couch in her den and read the newspaper to find new opportunities to help people.

At the end of her life, she read about a little boy who had a rare coronary condition that needed surgery. She immediately called the local newspaper and told the reporter she would fund the surgery and hospital expenses and to tell the child’s parents of her desire to help the baby. But she was doing it secretly. She told the report her name must not be used. The reporter was sworn to secrecy.

The reporter tried to talk Mother out of the decision but the reporter failed. Unfortunately, Mother did not get to pay for the child’s operation because the surgeon thought it was too risky and chose not to perform surgery until the child was older.

Mother was heartbroken that she couldn’t help the child. A few weeks later Mother died. I never heard how the child fared but I do know that the family of the child heard that their potential beneficiary had died and they sent me a rosary that had been their grandmother’s when she came as an immigrant to America!

No one but the reporter and the child’s family ever knew of Mother’s offer. She truly lived Christ’s instruction that people should not tell when they have helped or tried to help others.

The Bible tells us to store up treasures in Heaven. Mother also used to say, “When a person dies, the only thing he or she gets to keep is what he has given away!” Mother’s treasure chest in Heaven must have been full when she arrived!

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