What are the benefits of singing? Most of my life, I thought singing was just a pleasant past time but little more than that unless you were good enough to sing in a choir! How shocked I was to learn singing is truly beneficial from a medical perspective.

The first way singing can help you physically is by lowering your stress level! Singing is a natural stress reliever! Who wouldn’t feel less stress if you were singing, “Oh, Susannah, now don’t you cry for me!”

Another healthful advantage to singing is that it increases your immune level!

If you are suffering from dementia, singing can help your memory! It also increases your lung capacity.

If you become angry at someone, it is helpful to start singing. I have two friends who always start singing when they become angry at someone.

People often do not realize that singing helps a person cope with grief. Nothing is more painful than grief over the death of a friend or relative. Singing helps soften grief by making us feel more connected to those around us. Singing our beloved hymns from days of yore, helps remind us of the comforts of our faith so singing old hymns helps us in two ways. Singing also helps us live with pain by enlarging our pain threshold.

Even if we do not have any musical talent like the writer of this blog, singing can make a large difference in our lives by helping us survive pain, grief and suffering.

So if you are suffering from either emotional or physical pain, it is a good thing to start singing and let your vocal chords help you dissipate stress and suffering. So my advice to you, My Friends, is start singing! It doesn’t matter what the song is, just start singing!!

Until next time, I remain your friend Hope

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