Dear Friends,

Well, I am out of quarantine for Covid-19! I could have come out last Friday but I stayed in a few extra days just to make sure I was not contagious.

As I told you in a blog last week, I had Asymptomatic Breakthrough Covid-19 which means I caught the virus after I had had both vaccines and a sufficient time for them to be of maximum efficiency. I had no symptoms but according to CDC, cases like mine are contagious so I had to be quarantined. I felt good almost the whole time and I never had fever or any symptom! I feel fine now! Tonight I went to dinner in the dining room where I live and I was surprised how normal I felt after not leaving my room for 14 days!

I cannot urge you my dear Friends enough to get your vaccines if you have not already done so and be sure t wear your masks and practice social distancing. While I was in quarantine some of the residents where I live caught the virus and died! My heart breaks for them and their loved ones! Please, Friends, wear your masks and be vaccinated!

I may not have written this blog every day but I thought about it every day and you my dear Friends! I have some surprises in store for you the next few days so please read this blog every day and encourage others to read it also. I need every one of you to promote this blog so it can continue on the Internet!

I love each one of you even though I do not know you and I want us to work together to make our world A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE! Help me to achieve this goal!

Remember joyful and happy living doesn’t occur because we have no problems. Joyful and happy living occurs as we make the best we can of our problems and work towards helping each other!

Come back tomorrow and invite your friends to come too! We all need to work together to help each other during this difficult time!

See you tomorrow!


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  • Catherine BeckSeptember 7, 2021 at 1:45 am

    So relived to read you are out of quarantine!
    Love, Katy


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