I decided today to write two blogs instead of one. The first one is a poem from my book of poetry, SILENT VOICES.


I am Snow.
The unknowing say that I am cold.
Only those who love me
know how warm I am.
I bring a blanket of virginity
to cover my beloved Earth.
Silently I come
bringing oblivion and rest.
In swirls I circle to Earth
And lay carpets of wintery flowers
over the barren ground.
I bring Silence
and a white aroma of Peace.
Gently and quietly I festoon the land.
My mother was Rain
and my father was Ice.
I am Snow–I come to share
My frozen lace with you.

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  • Linda wilsonFebruary 5, 2022 at 9:08 pm

    Oh … how I love this, Hope


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