Yesterday I wrote a blog about how my book of poetry, “Silent Voices,” came into existence. I promised I would share with you a poem from “Silent Voices.” The poem I have chosen to share with you is “I Am A Cloud.”


I am a cloud.
An angel crocheted me out of spun Air.
I am very mobile.
Usually I skip over oceans of space
as I watch Man run through
blind alleys of Existence.
I like to drift to the rhythm of songs
written by Tranquility
and whistled by the wind.
Occasionally, Anger agitates the Air
with her venomous writhing.
Then I am caught in a turmoil
and my face wears a blackened frown.
B But usually I am peaceful.
I often play Hide and Seek with the Sun
as I sail above men
and mentally challenge them to a game of tag.
I am a cloud.
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  • mMartha SmithJune 3, 2021 at 1:54 am

    Enjoyed this. It came at a time I needed it. Martha


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