I have a secret! I know how to become happy in eleven minutes–without fail! Like all secrets, it is most fun when you share the secret!  Do you want to learn how to become happy in eleven minutes? Good, then draw closer to your Internet device and I shall share the secret with you, My Dear Readers!

The secret is very simple All you have to do is smile continuously for 11 minutes and you will become happy! Why does smiling for 11 minutes make you happy? It is because when you smile for 11 minutes, you brain thinks it is happy because it has had a smile on its face for 11 minutes straight so it concludes it must be happy or it wouldn’t have smiled for such along time without stopping!

Technically the brain starts producing endorphins-those wonderful little chemicals that make us feel happy! You have to smile continuously for 11 minutes to trick your brain into thinking it is happy If you smile even 10 minutes and 59 seconds and stop smiling,  you will not achieve your goal to  be happy! This is an exercise in scientific precision so you have to smile continuously for eleven minutes and you will achieve your goal–you shall feel happy!

I love to teach this secret because if you follow my instructions exactly, you will be happy! It is a scientific fact!

Before the coronavirus pandemic hit, I used to teach how to write memoirs at the retirement community where I live. One day after I had taught the writing lesson, I taught my students the happy smile secret I just shared with you. Some of my students failed to be convinced that my secret was 100% trustworthy so I gave them the assignment to try my 11 minute smile secret and report back at the next class session if the secret worked. Next week I had the happiest group of students! They were all smiles and eager to share their smile stories with the class!

I challenge you, Dear Reader, to do the same. Some time when you feel sad,  start smiling and smile for eleven minutes! I promise you that you shall feel happy (or at least happier) after 11 minutes of continuous smiling! Try it. I promise you that you shall like it!

Until we meet again, KEEP SMILING!!

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