Many senior citizens suffer from an extremely painful condition called Neuropathy. If you have Neuropathy,  you will experience pain, tingling and a burning sensation in your feet and legs. I had never heard of Neuropathy so I didn’t even have a name to attach to this miserable condition. I knew I had damaged the myelin sheaths in my legs so when I saw a product advertised on the Internet which helped myelin sheaths, I sent off for a bottle to try it. The product  was called Bio Soothe Pro and it worked better than I ever dreamed it would.  After one bottle, I was almost completely free of any discomfort in my feet and legs. I couldn’t believe it. It was miraculous!

Of course, as with any medicine, you should ask your doctor if it is all right to try an over the counter medicine. So ask your medical professional before you try Bio Soothe Pro but I can assure you, it was a miracle worker for me.

Bio Soothe Pro is made of natural ingredients which include Alpha Lipoic Acid,  Feverfew and Passion Flower Extract. Besides getting rid of neuropathy symptoms, Bio Soothe Pro boosts energy and helps with nerve function. Bio Soothe Pro also helps repair myelin sheaths. It combats inflammation which can help you in other important healing processes.

An additional reason to try Bio Soothe Pro is that it gives you a feeling of well-being!  I just plain feel better on it!

As a professional writer, I am seldom at a loss for words but I have been helped so much by Bio Soothe Pro that I am almost (but not quite!) lost for words. It is a wonderful product and I highly encourage you to look it up on the Internet, ask your health professional  about it and consider giving it a try!

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