In 1953 a wonderful book was published entitled “Try Giving Yourself Away.” It was written by David Dunn. I read it when I was in my teenage years. It has been one of the best and most influential books I have ever read and I recommend it enthusiastically to you my readers.

In the beginning of the book the author, David Dunn states that he is a businessman who has a hobby. He gives himself away! What does he mean? He gives his ideas, advice, suggestions away free of charge to people who can benefit from his suggestions. He does not want any benefits back from his free gift of himself. He just wants the adventure of helping people to live richer, happier lives. The book is full of examples of the author giving ideas, encouragement, and help to strangers, to friends, to anyone who needs his suggestions. The author wants nothing in return except the joy and adventure of knowing he has helped someone.

To David Dunn giving himself away is an adventure that enriches his life and the lives of the people he blesses!

Each chapter in the book is alive with the rich and poignant stories of how he has given a part of himself away and how it has helped other people. Dunn’s hobby of giving himself away adds adventure to his life and it blesses profusely the lives of the recipients of his blessings!

When you help others by giving them a part of yourself free of charge you make the people around you happier as you become richly blessed yourself! I recommend this classic little book wholeheartedly to you my readers. Please try giving yourself away. The joy you bestow on others will be matched by the rewards you will receive!

See you tomorrow.
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