Dear Friends,

Today let’s talk about– talking to ourselves!

When I was a little girl, I had a terrible case of allergies! I was allergic to about everything. I went to a wonderful allergist, Dr. Manuel Brown, and a wonderful pediatrician, Dr. Hershel Rubin, but the only medicine for allergies in the 1950s were anti-histamines which made me very cross and irritable! My parents didn’t know what to do with their little girl who normally was nice but when she took antihistamines, she (or I) became a living war zone! My parents came upon the idea that when Hope was irritable, she (or I) had to go to a mirror and make faces at myself so that I would start laughing at myself. In the process, I learned to look at myself in the mirror and talk to myself!

I still find it helpful to talk to myself! Well, what do you say to yourself when you talk to yourself? Well, one thig you need to say to yourself is something nice! Give yourself a compliment –or two or three compliments! What do you compliment yourself on? Well, you can start by complimenting yourself on something that comes easily to you like being kind or helpful or polite. The more compliments you give yourself the better you will feel and the better you will act! Everyone loves a compliment and if you give yourself a compliment instead of criticizing yourself, your self-ego will rise and it will be easier to be happy and proud of yourself!

You can also add gestures to your self-conversation! Try patting yourself on the back–literally in front of the mirror–and tell yourself how proud you are of yourself for forgiving someone or for being organized or doing a good job at some knit-picking job. The list of things to praise yourself about can be almost limitless! The important thing is to praise yourself rather than criticize yourself! The goal of his exercise is to build yourself up not bring yourself down!

After your conversation with yourself is over, put on a pleasant face, smile at yourself in the mirror and then go about the rest of your day feeling good about your conversation with yourself!

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