In the past 24 hours I saw a statement on the Internet mentioning foods as a way to fight anxiety. I started researching the subject and I wish to share with you, Dear Readers, some suggestions on ways to fight anxiety by eating certain foods and avoiding others.

Much of this blog comes from an article by Cathleen Crichton-Stuart and published in “Medical News Today’s” newsletter.

One of the best foods to fight anxiety is Brazil nuts because of their high content of selenium. Mushrooms and soybeans also have high levels of selenium which make them good anxiety fighters. The recommended dose of Brazil nuts is only 3 or 4 nuts a day so you won’t get too much selenium.

Fatty fish, such as salmon, trout or herring, are high in Omega 3 nutrients and are also good at combatting anxiety.

Our precious friend green tea is also marvelous at fighting anxiety along with doing myriads of other healthy things for the body. (Check out the resources for ordering green tea on this blog spot.)

Eggs also help relieve anxiety as do pumpkin seeds and yes, dark chocolate, is an excellent anxiety fighting food also! (Who of us ladies hasn’t eaten dark chocolate when we have broken up with our boyfriends!!!)

There are some foods that can cause anxiety. Some of them are processed meats, pastries, candy and fried foods.

Another way to reduce anxiety is to cut down on your consumption of coffee, alcohol and sugar!

If you want more information on the relationship between food and anxiety, just Google the subject, “Foods that Fight Anxiety.”

This is a little off the subject but if you wish to get a good night’s sleep so you can feel refreshed, eat a green salad 30 minutes before your bedtime and it will help you sleep well and fight anxiety! I have learned the lettuce trick from personal experience!

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