In another blog I mentioned how special it is to make every day a day to celebrate!  If you want a list of every special day to celebrate, buy a copy of “Chase Calendar of Events.” It has thousands of days to celebrate. Here is a short list of  days you can make into a special day for you and your family and friends to celebrate! The main thing is to have fun!

You can even form a “Celebrating Club” where you and your friends celebrate together a day or two a month. For instance, on the fifth of June you and your friends can meet at your favorite doughnut shop and have a breakfast meeting to  celebrate National Doughnut Day! On National Pizza Party Day, one of the members can have an informal pizza party in her backyard, etc. The main thing is to make your days fun!

Some special days are:


January 23=National Pie Day



February 20=National Love Your Pet Day



March 3=”I Want You To Be Happy Day”



April 21=National Tea Day



May 15=National Pizza Party Day



June 5=National Doughnut Day

June 17=Eat Your Vegetables Day



July 6=National Fried Chicken Day

July 18= National Ice Cream Day



August 19=National Potato Day



September 6=National Read a Book Day



October 8=National Poetry Day

October 17=World Singing Day



November 13=World Kindness Day

November 14=National Pickle Day



December 13=National Cocoa Day

December 21=Crossword Puzzle Day


Finally, as a post script, no matter what the day, whether it be a national or world day or just a regular day, do your best to make everyday as good as possible!

Until the next time we meet, make every day count and count yourself fortunate to have another day!

Love from your friend Hope
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  • Diane wiseJanuary 15, 2021 at 7:11 pm

    I love celebrating things like donuts and pizza, what a great idea to give us a reason to do just that!


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