The first time I realized the importance of color I was in the First Grade enjoying life as a carefree six year old little girl! Our first grade teacher was out and a substitute teacher was trying to hold the class together! I do not know how Mrs. Carlson brought up the subject but I remember her telling the class that God’s favorite colors were green and blue because He made so much of the world those colors. Of course as six year old children, none of us thought of disputing her point so we accepted it!

Now that you and I know what God’s favorite colors are, we need to decide which colors we should paint the rooms in our homes to make life the happiest we can possibly make it!

What is the best color for a living room? I read an article once that stated you should look at your own clothing to help decide what colors to paint the interior of your home. Do you like to wear vibrant, bright colors? Then use vibrant bright colors to paint the interior of your home. Do you wear subdued colors? Then choose subdued colors for your home interior. That makes sense. (I wish I knew who wrote that article so I could give the author the praise he deserved!)

Another way to make color add to your life is to wear yellow if you have trouble staying awake. I fall asleep very easily but it helps if I wear the color yellow when I want to stay awake! I just look down at my yellow blouse or canary colored dress and I feel more wide awake!

I personally like blue bedrooms! They make me feel comfortable and at peace. Also be sure your bed linens are quiet colors so your linens won’t keep you awake! What ever colors you choose for the interior of your home, choose the color with care!

Until we meet again, have a colorful time!

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