Ever since my parents went to Heaven, I have spent Thanksgiving Day with my precious friends, the Booth Family. They have been perfect to me by allowing me to spend the holidays with their family which I ardently, now, think of as MY family!

This Thanksgiving I have declined their invitation because I live in a retirement community and I don’t want to bring them the COVID-19 virus as my contribution to their Thanksgiving dinner!

Since my holiday will be much less festive this year, I am going to do something new.  I am going to call a few people BEFORE Thanksgiving Day and thank them for making my life special by their place in my heart and my life.

I started my new tradition today. One of the first people I called this morning was a lady who always blesses me by her cheerfulness. She is visually impaired but she has 20/20 vision when it comes to seeing the blessings of life. When I called her this morning to thank her for blessing my life, she was so touched that she almost cried! I called her to thank her and I was the one who was richly rewarded!

The second person  I called told me she was depressed for not being able to go and do as she would have done if COVID-19 was not everywhere. She too was thankful for  my call and told me I had made her week! One minute of my time made her week! What a blessing for me from that small amount of effort and time!

Next year hopefully I shall be back at the home of my beloved friends, the Booths, and I shall be having a traditional Thanksgiving with the people I love, but even if I do get to have a traditional Thanksgiving, I intend to keep my new annual tradition of calling friends and thanking them for the joy they bring to my life!

So to you, my new dearly loved friends, I thank you for reading my blog and making my life more beautiful!


Until we meet again,

remember you are loved by your friend Hope

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