Do you remember the Perry Como classic song “Catch a Falling Star”? I have heard that lovely tune hundreds of times but today was the first time I ever closed my eyes and really listened to the wisdom it expounds!

What a lovely idea metaphorically to catch a falling star and keep it until you needed it! The same wisdom could apply to other things to put in our metaphoric pockets. The next time you see an especially beautiful pansy, or rose, or marigold look at it intently until it becomes part of your memory bank for ever! You never know when you might need an extra rose to give a new friend! The same goes with the sight of a beautiful sunrise or stunning sunset! Who doesn’t need an extra sunset to carry with you!

These mental photos can become part of your cerebral photo album! In the same vein, you can store up all the details of going on an adventure or giving a friend a private afternoon tea where you and she are the only people present. You can store all the details to share with another friend when it is impossible to share the experience in real life. The point is to store in your memory bank as many events, “mental snapshots,” to have ready whenever you might need them. As I write this blog I am sitting near a window in my home and watching a flock of cardinals in a tree nearby. It is 22 degrees outside.  I have taken a mental snapshot of this beautiful scene to enjoy someday when it is 100 degrees on a sizzling Oklahoma summer day! You never know when envisioning such a scene of frozen beauty might save you from a heat stroke!

Bye for now and please remember to take a lot of mental photos for the years to come!


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  • Mary JohnsonFebruary 15, 2021 at 2:50 pm

    Wonderful song by a favorite singer of mine. Watching my birds and feeding them they are such a precious part of nature.


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