I love the phrase “to brighten a corner of the world.” There are so many lovely ways to do this! It just takes some love for your neighbor, a little creativity and a whole lot of initiative!

I love to talk on the phone so perhaps the easiest way for me to strive to brighten someone’s world is to call the person for a short, but meaningful conversation. I am in my seventies so I know a lot of widows who appreciate a call to see how they are doing. A sub-category is a call to see how their latest doctor appointment went or to see how their latest tests results turned out. The point is people living alone need to feel someone else cares about their problems and cares about them!

A close friend of mine brightens her neighbors’ world by inviting friends over for afternoon tea! My friend bakes scones and makes delicious tea sandwiches for her special friends. What a lovely way to tell someone you think she is special! Thank you, Renee!

One of the residents of the retirement community where I live writes little notes for fellow residents and sticks the note on their front door along with a piece of candy attached to the note! What a “sweet” way of brightening someone’s day! Thank you, Sue!

Other things to do are picking up a prescriptions or grocery item for elderly neighbors in inclement weather.

One of my beloved neighbors gives me her magazines after she has read them! Thank you, Sera!

Three of my precious friends brighten my world by their encouragement of this blog spot and my other blog, hopingwithhope.com Thank you Cheryl, Renee and Martha!

And, of course, a special way of brightening a person’s world is doing a kind deed for the person’s dog or cat! One of my former neighbors brought my cats a video just for felines! How my fur babies loved it!

However you choose to brighten the corner of your world, do it with love and it will be returned to you with love! As my precious mother used to say, “Cast your bread upon the water and it shall come back buttered with strawberry jam on it!” Thank you, Mother!

Until next time,

Love from your friend Hope

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  • Mary JohnsonFebruary 19, 2021 at 2:43 pm

    Kindness is always appreciated.

  • Martha SmithFebruary 25, 2021 at 10:37 pm

    Yes this is true to the old saying .”Leave the world a better place than you found it. “I needed this blog now. I want to do more but I can’t walk very far to a lot of my friends just an excuse Ican do something. Good info. M


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