My father was in the hospital many times before he went to Heaven to be with the Lord. One of these times he was taken care of by a nurse who had a truly remarkable sprit. One day we were remarking on her personality. She said, “One of my patients said I was beautiful. I said, ‘No, I try to be lovely.” Then she looked at Mother and me and said quietly, “Do you two ladies know the difference between ‘lovely’ and ‘beautiful’?

“No,” we answered honestly.

“Well, only a few people are beautiful, but anyone can be lovely because lovely means you show love to people. I want to be lovely and give love to whomever needs it.”

What about you, Dear Reader, do you want to be beautiful physically or to give love to those who need it?

I choose to be like the nurse and show love to whomever needs it

The best we can choose to be here on earth is a loving, kind soul who chooses to give love abundantly to whomever needs it

Go forth, Dear Friends, into the world, and be what God the Creator has called you to be–the lovely self you are meant to be!!

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  • PaulaMarch 5, 2022 at 9:00 pm

    Hope, you are one of the loveliest people I know!


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