Have you ever found yourself thinking about a person you haven’t thought of in a long time? Nothing has triggered thinking of the person. You just all of a sudden start thinking of this person. That happened to me last year when I started thinking of a relative of mine whom I have seen only about 5 times in the last 57 years.

The last time I saw her was over 40 years ago!! She came to mind for no apparent reason and she stayed in my mind all day. Her presence was so strong I called another relative to see if she was all right. My relative assured me she thought our mutual relative was fine. The next day my in-town cousin called me to tell me she had just received a call about our mutual relative. She had been rushed to a hospital in a larger city at about the time I started thinking about her. She had almost died but her doctors felt she would pull through!!!

Why did I suddenly think of her when I usually went weeks and even months without thinking of her? Why did she come to my mind when she almost died? Then I remembered what a former pastor of mine had told our congregation. He had said when we suddenly think of someone we don’t normally think about, we should stop doing what we are doing and start praying for the person who just crossed our minds!

My relative lived and I feel incredibly blessed that I was given the opportunity to pray for her at that difficult time in her life!

Today’s blog is short but meaningful. When we think of someone we normally do not think of often I think we need to lift that person up in prayer! Listen to the Holy Spirit speak to you and follow His Command. What an exciting joy to follow where the Lord tells us to go!

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