Dear Friends,

Have you ever kept a gratitude List? A GL is a list of things you are grateful to the Lord for putting in your life! You can call it by various names such as a Thank you list, a Gratitude Journal or a thank you notebook. Whatever you call it, it is a list of things to thank the Dear Lord for everyday!

The first thing I am thankful for is, of course, My Heavenly Father loving us first and loving us so much that He sent His only Begotten Son to earth to die for our sins and to make us be able to live with Him in Heaven forever! Here are some of the rest of the list:

2. COLORS. I am so grateful for colors. From the majestic and kingly purples to the awe-inspiring reds and the soothing greens and blues, I am grateful for colors.

3. FLOWERS and plants of all kinds and shapes!

4 FAMILY with their warm ways and their beautiful personalities.

5. FRIENDS. They make our lives complete with their witty ways and honest compassion.

6 BOOKS. They add the joy of conversing with the world’s best minds.

7. SCULPTURES and paintings that lift our spirits and caress our emotions.

8. MUSIC that inspires and transports us to do better and live more gloriously.

9. TALENTS that we have and others have to use to inspire and help others.

10. FOOD that we can cherish, enjoy and gain strength from.

These are only a handful of things to be grateful for and to thank the Good Lord for. No one list is better than another and the choices and selections are limitless.

Why not start today compiling your unique and special list of reasons to be grateful. When you feel discouraged and down hearted et out your grateful list and get recharged , re-inspired and re-energized to take a fresh look around you and get going again!

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