I used to own a dark brown coffee cup that had on one side of it the words “Do What You Enjoy.” On the other side of the cup were the words “Enjoy What You Do.” Somehow during life’s activities, I lost that cup but I have never misplaced the wisdom that cup taught me!

It is a proven fact that doing what you enjoy greatly adds to your happiness. One of the best pieces of advice we can give ourselves is to do what we enjoy as long as it is not detrimental to our physical or mental health! (Obviously don’t eat a pound of fudge at one sitting!) Keep a list of the things you enjoy doing and when you need a boost in your happiness, stop what you are doing and do one of your ‘happiness’ choices.

My two favorite things to do in the world are to pray and to write! For years I was a puzzle constructor and I have two books of puzzles for sale. I love to write puzzles but now that I have two blogs on the Internet, writing blogs has become my favorite type of writing. I love to write blogs for you, my Dear Readers .When I start writing a new blog, I get excited–happy and joyful!  That is the “Do What You Like To Do Side” of my cup of blessings.

The other side of my cup is “Enjoy What You Do!” This side takes a little more effort and planning. I’ll give you a very short example. It is bedtime and I need to brush my teeth. I can look at dental hygiene as a chore or a privilege. How wonderful I have  nice clean water coming out of the faucet instead of having to walk a mile for a bucket of  water as millions of people in poor nations have to do. I can enjoy the flavor of my favorite toothpaste and the pleasantly stimulating feeling of the toothbrush against  my gums. If you make a choice to enjoy even simple chores as the luxuries they would be to some people in underprivileged locations you will greatly increase  the blessings you enjoy.

Please don’t underestimate what I am saying. Even the smallest of blessings is a blessing!

Don’t just do what you enjoy but enjoy what you do!

Until next time,

Love from your friend Hope

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  • Mary JohnsonJanuary 24, 2021 at 12:57 am

    Wonderful inspirational encouragement from my favorite blogger.

  • Jeanette KingJanuary 25, 2021 at 11:13 pm

    Appreciate your sharing insights into the wisdom of realizing the many blessings we receive to brighten our days.

  • Martha SmithFebruary 3, 2021 at 2:06 am

    My favorite, from my best friend Hope


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